Why Choose Us

At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., we are a family.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is owned and operated by our family of three. We come from a long line of artists, and we know what it takes to raise strong, well-rounded musicians. As experienced instructors ourselves, we understand the values and qualities that all of our teachers need to have in order to provide the best music education to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

We are experienced (35+ years).
Mr. Fred Safaei, the founder of Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., has over thirty-five years of professional experience. He established Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. in 1995.

We teach students of all ages and levels.
Whether you're a ninety-year-old beginner or a seasoned professional who just turned five, we will ensure that you get the most out of your music lessons. We also offer collaborative learning courses, and prepare our students for examinations, master-classes, adjudicated festivals and performances. Our bi-annual concerts (held in our very own concert hall) are designed to help you and your supporters see the progress you've made during your lessons!

We value convenience.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. offers private instruction for almost all instruments in one, easily accessible location on Marine Drive complete with numerous parking spaces! We offer early morning and lunch time lessons in addition to our regular afternoon and evening classes seven days a week, as well as a Flex Pass program for those who can't commit to attending their lessons on a weekly basis! Save time and money by registering with us today!

We have exceptional instructors.
Our instructors are highly qualified and educated. They are capable of teaching any genre of music, adapting lessons to fit each student's needs, and getting you to the next level. Our teachers also encourage student-directed learning.

We are known for our high standards in music education.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. has been internationally recognized for its work in music education. We have received awards and recognition from organizations including the Royal Conservatory of Music, the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce (Business Excellence Awards), local political figures such as Mayor Darrell Mussatto (see right) and more.

We create success stories.
Our students and alumni pursue professional careers in music. Our musicians have been featured in television/movies/newspapers, seen their compositions performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, produced music for film, studied music at well-known universities, earned their PhDs in music, and become instructors themselves. You can also hear our students on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, iHeartRadio and more.

We are involved in the community.
Our students frequently perform at events such as CityFest, Folk Fest, the DNV Youth Awards, the Kiwanis Music Festival, and more. We also actively support and fundraise for charities and organizations such as the BC Cancer Society, Children's Variety, local PACs and more.

We think of you.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. proudly supports its musicians by hosting movie nights, creating contests with great prizes, and featuring our students on our Top Ten Tree. We also offer discounts for our families and/or multi-instrumentalists, as well as bursaries for dedicated students in need.

We will make your dreams come true.
Whether you aspire to record your very own single or to perform in Carnegie Hall, we will help you achieve it!