Pre-Professional Program
A unique, new program taught only at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. recognizes that it takes a great deal of training to create stars in the entertainment industry. That’s why we offer our clients the Pre-Professional Program, in which we train students between the ages of 6 to 10 how to become triple-threats by studying acting, dancing and music. A strong emphasis is placed on confidence building, presentation, musical theatre and collaboration. Our Pre-Professional Program is by audition only and requires students to participate in at least one other music lesson at our facility every week.

Lessons take place on Sundays between 4 to 5 PM and are run in a group setting. The program is supervised by the artistic directors of Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. and frequently invites professionals in the industry to come work with those involved in the program. Members of the Pre-Professional Program perform and audition frequently all while competing in events such as the Kiwanis Music Festival.

Please contact if you are interested in auditioning for this program.

About the Program

Four skills. One class.


In the Pre-Professional Program, we place a big emphasis on acting. Acting development exercises include asking the students to read and memorize monologues, film mock audition tapes, create demo reels, work on scenes together, write skits and attend auditions in the Lower Mainland. The students also apply their acting skills to their musical theatre performances, in which they must move and sing as their character. We frequently bring in students and professionals in the film industry to teach the Pre-Professional students about how the business works.


Dancing is a discipline that we believe all children who dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry should have a basic understanding of. In our dance-based lessons, students will learn basic moves from various genres of dance. They will also apply their understanding of dance to the choreography given to them for their musical theatre performances. In this year-end recital, students will perform a dance number for their supporters. On occasion, we invite local dancers into our studio to teach the students more about the role of dance in musical theatre.


It is no secret that the ability to play an instrument is one of the key components a student in our pre-professional program can have. In the Pre-Professional Program, we introduce the students to all of the instruments we offer at Ava Music and give them a basic understanding of how each one works. The students then demonstrate their knowledge of these instruments at their end-of-the-year recital. Some classes also place an emphasis on music theory, music history and composition. Ava Music's senior instructors and other industry professionals frequently give master-classes to the Pre-Professional students.


Vocals are, arguably, the biggest part of musical theatre-based lessons. In the Pre-Professional Program, we teach students about solfege, vocal warm-ups and how to sing a basic melody. We also spend a great deal of time teaching the students how to sing classic Broadway tunes from musicals such as Annie, Beauty & the Beast Jr., and Matilda. Students will be adjudicated primarily on their vocal ability during festivals and auditions, and they will also perform a number of vocal pieces for their parents during their year-end recital.