Party Packages
Celebrate your special day with the gift of music.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. proudly offers party packages for music lovers of all ages. Our main packages are listed below.
Got a theme for your party in mind that we don't seem to offer? Want to add something on to the packages we offer? E-mail us with your plans and we will send you a quote!

Please contact if you are interested in celebrating your birthday with us.


Make it your own.

Billboard Parties

In a Billboard Party, you will get to experience what it's like to be a Top 40 artist! Record a cover of your favourite song, and create your very own cover art! Each singer will get 2-3 tries to sing part of your hit song!

$300 for up to 8 guests.
Additional guests are $15 each.

Character Parties

In a Character Party, dress up to a theme of your choice and learn all the songs from your favourite musical. You will also get the chance to meet and greet with your favourite character! Please contact us regarding which characters are available to meet.

$300 for up to 8 guests.
Additional guests are $15 each.

Red Carpet Parties

Celebrate your day by walking across the Red Carpet! Dress up as your favourite movie star, and shine in the spotlight as the paparazzi take your photos! After you finish watching your favourite movie, all guests will be awarded with a special trophy!

$350 for up to 8 guests.
Additional guests are $15 each.

Rock & Roll Parties

Be the Elvis of your party and blast some tunes with the rock instructors at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. Everyone in the group will get basic guitar lessons. We will film your final performance and send you a digital copy after the party!

$350 for up to 8 guests.
Additional guests are $15 each.

Party Add-Ons

Rent our party room for $30 for food, gifts and cake. Our facility is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, table and chairs.


Rent our party room + add two large pizzas and drinks for $60.