Music Lessons
Orff & Kodaly
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is the first music school to provide Orff & Kodaly lessons to the North Shore community.
Our unique Orff & Kodaly courses offer students between the ages of 1 to 7 a unique opportunity to gain a
well-rounded education in the arts. Each class is tailored by the talented team of Orff instructors
at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. to fit the ages and dynamics of the students.

All Orff & Kodaly lessons are held in our beautiful and spacious Cherry Blossom studio, which is equipped with all of the instruments and
learning tools that our experts have deemed necessary to help a child reach their full musical potential.
By playing different games (rhythm cards, high-low, parachute etc.), fostering a social atmosphere, and encouraging the children to direct the lessons, we instill the notion of creativity in our young performers. 
The concepts of rhythm, note-reading and musicality are at the centre of our Orff & Kodaly lessons. The "building block" design of the Cherry Blossom program ensures that our students receive a comprehensive arts education.
How It Works
Performance is a big part of the Cherry Blossom program.  During the winter and summer Orff concerts, students will get to experience the thrill of showing what they've learned to a full, live audience. Special guests such as Elsa and Anna are often in attendance to support the children as they receive their trophies and prizes!
At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., our Orff & Kodaly lessons operate on the belief that a child needs to learn music the way that they would learn their first language. Our seven, unique Cherry Blossom programs provide our young performers with an arts education that will last a life-time. The Cherry Blossom II and III programs are divided into two sections: beginner and continued.

The Programs​

Cherry Blossom I (ages 1 to 3)

Cherry Blossom II (ages 3 to 5)

Cherry Blossom III (ages 5 to 7)

45 minute group lessons

Cherry Blossom I focuses on the musical development of your child. The sessions are designed to be attended by children with their parents or caregivers, and are taught in a fun, non-competitive environment. Students are encouraged to enhance their ability to hear and feel a beat. Movement is explored through interactive circle games, interpretive dance, instrument encounters and role-playing. In this class, we also use exciting props such as balls, bean bags, hoola hoops, body bells, streamers, scarves and parachutes to help the young performers discover music in a unique and tangible way. Cherry Blossom I is the perfect way to prepare your child for a life-long education in music.
60 & 90 minute group lessons

Cherry Blossom II offers an active, hands-on approach to music for children between the ages of three to five. In this course, our instructors encourage the students to speak, sing, move and dance. Children in this class progress from musical imitation to improvisation and literacy by learning songs, chanting rhymes, clapping rhythms and maintaining beats. The children also work on composing their own songs using Orff instruments and come together to play in a small orchestra. The children also spend half an hour exploring the MusIQ Club program. Children in this class showcase what they have learned in two major Orff & Kodaly concerts per year in addition to the frequent, in-class performances held for their parents and caregivers.
90 minute group lessons​

Cherry Blossom III is based on a curriculum that focuses on preparing children for private music lessons. Students develop their responses to music through movement and singing. Note-reading, solfege, folk tunes and nursery rhymes are major components of the lessons, as are movement activities and the use of percussion instruments. Students will also learn how to play and compose music on the recorder, the piano, the glockenspiel, the metallaphone and the xyllophone. Children in this class showcase what they have learned in two major Orff & Kodaly concerts per year in addition to the frequent, in-class performances held for their parents and caregivers.

Orff & Kodaly: Advanced (ages 4.5 to 7)

MusIQ Club (ages 4 to 7)

120 minute group lessons

The Orff & Kodaly: Advanced program follows the structure of the Cherry Blossom III curriculum. However, it designed for the more advanced musician. Students in this class have achieved a complete understanding of music notation, intermediate-level music terminology, composition and melody production. Students in this class are taught material at a quicker pace, and delve further into the concepts taught in the Cherry Blossom III program. In Orff & Kodaly: Advanced, students spend thirty minutes on the recorder, thirty minutes on the xyllophone and one hour on the piano/MusIQ program. Children in this class showcase what they have learned in two major Orff & Kodaly concerts per year in addition to the frequent, in-class performances held for their parents and caregivers.
Times and class sizes may vary

Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is proud to offer its students the opportunity to explore the arts via the unique, MusIQ Club program. This course revolves heavily around the MusIQ Club software, a unique, computer-based classroom which provides young musicians with an enriching, digital introduction to music. As they progress from level to level, students will learn the language of music and develop their performance skills. The software explores musical ideas such as pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and even note-reading! This course is also unique in that students will also get the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the program on a real piano, and will receive one-on-one instruction from one of our incredible Orff & Kodaly teachers in aim of preparing them for our bi-annual Orff & Kodaly concerts.
Fun Facts
90% of Orff & Kodaly program graduates go on to pursue private music lessons at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.
Our Orff & Kodaly textbooks were written by Ms. Heather Deris.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is the only distributor of the MusIQ Club in the Lower Mainland.
The name "Cherry Blossom" was coined by Ms. Ava Safai when she was in the Orff & Kodaly program.