Half-Day Program
For Peak Performers, Super Achievers & the Advanced Musician.
The Half-Day Program at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is designed for students who are interested in the Peak Performance Program (North Vancouver) or the Super Achiever Program (West Vancouver). It also caters to advanced students who are interested in homeschooling in aim of becoming a professional artist at a young age and competing in national-level competitions.

Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is proud to offer pick-ups from school for students in the Half-Day program.

Both the Peak Performance Program and the Super Achiever Program are "non-credit, timetabling option[s] for elite-level student athletes and performers in Grades 8 to 12. [...] It is appropriate for [performers] competing at the regional, provincial, or national level or for students highly involved in intensive fine arts or performing arts programs" (North Vancouver School District) Peak Performers and Super Achievers complete a minimum amount of 15 hours of training in their discipline per week, and must maintain a C+ average throughout the school year. Requirements also vary between the two programs. Please contact us or refer to the district websites (listed below) for more information.

The Peak Performance Program is offered at Argyle, Carson Graham, Handsworth, Seycove, Sutherland, and Windsor Secondary Schools. The Super Achievers Program is offered at Rockridge Secondary, Sentinel Secondary and West Vancouver Secondary.

For more information, please check the North Vancouver School District Website (Peak Performance Program) and the West Vancouver School District Website (Super Achievers).
Sample Schedule
  • 2 Hours: Main Instrument (Performance)
  • 1 Hour: Main Instrument (Technique)
  • 2 Hours: Theory Classes
  • 2 Hours: Half-Day Seminar with Senior Instructor
  • 1.5 Hours: Secondary Instrument
  • 1.5 Hours: Assisting in the Orff & Kodaly Program

In addition to the hours above, students in the Half-Day Program will need to complete and log the following hours in their Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. account per week.

Peak Performers: minimum of 5 hours of practice per week
Super Achievers: minimum of 10 hours of practice per week
Advanced Musicians: minimum of 12 hours of practice per week

Students in the Half-Day Program must take at least one examination per year, participate in at least one competitive festival class per year, participate in at least one master-class per year, perform locally at least twice, and perform at least four times a year at the Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. bi-annual recitals. More options include registering for the  Teacher-in-Training Program as a means of completing hours.

Please contact talent@avamusic.ca for more information.