Are you an adult with a busy schedule? A university student with a part-time job? Want to work with numerous instructors? Can't commit to a weekly lesson routine? The FlexPass​ has got your back!

What is the FlexPass?

The FlexPass is a membership package program offered at Ava Music.
FlexPass members purchase a package of lessons -- typically, there are 10 lessons per package.

Members can then decide when they want to take a lesson and who they want to take a lesson with. Friends and family of the FlexPass member can also use the member's package to take lessons, given that they have the member's permission and the member's FlexPass card.

To register for a time slot with the FlexPass, members simply have to call or e-mail the office 48 hours in advance and request their preferred date, time and instructor. If Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is able to accommodate the member at their preferred time, then they are set to go! If not, Ava Music staff will always look at other booking options that work best for the FlexPass member and their preferred instructor. Please note that regular students at Ava Music have priority over FlexPass member.

FlexPass packages are often recommended to busy musicians, as well as students who are very self-directed learners or students who want to customize their music training. They are also commonly purchased as gifts.

Three Reasons Why The FlexPass Could Work for You


FlexPass members get more freedom in deciding the dates and times of their lessons. You can either pre-book your package of lessons in advance, or call anytime to book a time that works for you and your preferred teacher. Please note that regular students at Ava Music have priority over FlexPass members.


Many FlexPass members use their package as a means of experimenting with different instruments, genres and teaching styles. FlexPass members often choose to work with a number of different Ava Music's instructors, or to learn a little bit about a new instrument every time they book a lesson.

Some people choose the FlexPass because they want to decide how intense their training is. FlexPass holders can decide if they want to take a lesson every day with a different coach, or if they'd like to learn from their favourite instructor once a month.

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