Music Lessons
Drums Lesson
At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., we believe that rhythm is one of the most valuable concepts a performer can grasp. We also recognize
the importance of stage presence, confidence, versatility and musicality. That's why we recommend drum lessons to every aspiring musician.

Why Drums?
Drum lessons are a great way to acquaint yourself with modern music. Not only will you know how to play along to just about every song you hear on the radio, but you will also develop an excellent sense of rhythm and strengthen your hand-eye coordination. In addition, drummers often notice that their brain's ability to work with large sets of numbers, and their self-esteem boosts after just a few lessons.
At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., our drummers are a big part of our concerts. They will typically collaborate with performers in other instrument categories (such as the guitar, bass and vocals) to create bands and make music. Sometimes, these bands will also go on to perform in venues all around the Lower Mainland. The memories and friendships that you will make during these performances are unforgettable.

Given the coordination needed for a student to play the drums, we typically only offer drum lessons to musicians aged five and up. However, if your child would like to familiarize themselves with this instrument at an early age, we recommend registering for our Orff program. The Cherry Blossom program places a strong emphasis on rhythm and use instruments such as the bongos to prepare children for formal drum lessons.
In a typical drum lesson, students will work on concepts such as drum notation, sticking patterns, accuracy and speed. Students will also learn how to play songs of their choosing, and explore genres such as latin, jazz, blues, and rock. We also offer percussion lessons for students interested in taking Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, or those who wish to explore a more "classical" approach to drumming.

We recommend using a real drum kit to practice at home. However, the electronic drum kit has become increasingly popular and is a wonderful choice for those who wish to control their volume while building on the concepts learned in class.
Royal Conservatory of Music

Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is pleased to offer the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certificate Program for the percussion. We cover all levels of practical and theory examinations.