Music Lessons
Brass Instruments
 The beauty of brass instruments are undeniable. They are extremely versatile in style and often popular choices for students
who want to take up band at school. Whether you aspire to play in an elementary school marching band or become the next Louis Armstrong,
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. will provide you with the education you need to achieve your dreams!



The trumpet is the leader of the brass family. Small but powerful, its piercing tone is often the featured sound of an ensemble. The trumpet is found in many musical groups, including concert bands, orchestras, brass bands, and jazz ensembles. Beginner trumpet lessons focus on note-reading and producing a clear sound from the instrument, whilst advanced lessons revolve around refining technique and preparing students to perform in all genres.
The trombone is a particularly challenging brass instrument, but a lot of fun to play! It has a bright, tenor sound and can be either loud and powerful or soft and lyrical. Music is played using a slide, so the player should have a good musical ear to accurately find each pitch. Beginner trombone lessons place an emphasis on basic techniques such as using the slide and reading the notes, whilst advanced lessons delve into the stylistic flexibility of the trombone.
Royal Conservatory of Music

Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is pleased to offer the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certificate Program for the trumpet and the trombone. We cover all levels of practical and theory examinations.